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introducing our

Forever Stacked Permanent Jewelry Experience

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a unique experience that allows you to have a custom fit, claspless piece that you don't have to take on and off. We can create permanent bracelets, anklets, necklaces and rings.

The Process

You start by choosing a chain (or multiple) that you would like to turn into your permanent piece. We will measure the chain to your desired length, weld it on, and violà, your custom piece is complete! Each piece is quick to put on, the longest part is deciding which chain you would like

What to look forward too!

  • Styling assistance
  • A custom fit piece
  • Loving your Permanent Stack forever!


Gold Filled / Sterling Silver

  • Bracelets $50 - 65
  • Anklets $75 - 85
  • Necklaces $120 - 150
  • Rings $35
  • Charms $15

Solid Gold

  • Bracelets $120 - 145
  • Anklets $175 - 195
  • Necklace $230 - 260
  • Ring $60
  • Charms $25

Book an Event

Celebrating a Bachelorette, Birthday Party, or Anniversary?

We want to be a part of your special day! We offer events both in-store and off-site. If you have up to a party of 10 and would like to come to our studio, please book through our booking link.

If you’d like us to go to you for both smaller or larger events, email us at!


Care Instructions

Please clean your permanent jewelry regularly to maintain the shine. You can do so by using a soft bristle toothbrush and dawn dish soap. This helps clean any dirt or body oils that can get trapped between the chain links. For Sterling Silver, you can use toothpaste on the piece or purchase a Sterling Silver polishing cloth

Warranty and Repair Policy?


Accidents happen! We have a free 60 day repair or replacement policy. Outside of the 60 days it would be a $10 rewelding fee OR if the chain is lost upon it breaking we can replace it for half the original cost. Upon the repair appointment, we will check the date of the original appointment to see how many days has passed.If the chain becomes dull, we can replace the chain for you for half the cost anytime after the 60 days. Please make sure you have the original chain with you or we will not honor the half off replacement.


Upon receiving your 14k Solid Gold permanent piece, we will have you inspect the chain and the weld  to ensure the quality is acceptable. Once we determine the chain and weld are fine, we will have you sign off on it. If the piece were to break, we will re-weld it for free. If the piece were to break and the chain were to be lost, we will charge 75% of the original price to replace it

Can you resize my piece?

Yes! If the piece becomes too small or too large, please book a free “Repair/Resizing” appointment. We will resize it for free within the 60 days or charge a $10 resizing fee outside of the 60 days. However, if you decide to purchase an additional new permanent piece the day of your appointment, we will resize the previous chain for free.

What type of material are the chains?

We offer 14k Solid Gold, Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chains.

Where can I view the chain options?

On our Permanent Jewlery Highlight on our instagram

Is it TSA safe?

You will not have any issues with the TSA. Our pieces are made with Jeweler's Brass as the base metal which is not a magnetic metal and will not sound off any security alarms.

What if I need to get an MRI or surgery?

If you need an MRI or surgery, simply cut the permanent piece at the jumpring used to attach it. Make sure you hold onto the chain and we can re-weld it on for you after.

Do you accept Walk ins?

Yes we do! However, appointments are always preffered to avoid a longer wait time

How to book

Book HERE. A deposit is not required to book, however if you cannot make your appointment after all, please be courteous and let us know.

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